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Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving is a Mess

I am still moving to Arkansas.  Seems like it's taking forever. Maybe because it is.  One more trip and lots of craigslist postings/garage sales, freecycle and I hope to be here for good.
Let's see what's been happening beside moving.  I turned 71.  All this physical activity drives that home.

Garlic is in the ground here.  I am in Arkansas for at least another month to 6 weeks until the next trip.  So I planted garlic. I'm told the deer will not eat it this winter.  Crimson clover is coming up down by the pond. (Isn't there a song named Crimson and Clover?  Those words sound good together, don't they?)  Just seeded that a few days ago. That is for the deer to eat come winter.

I am also hoping that the deer realize that they cannot be shot while on my 6.5 acres, so they come here for safety during this hunting season.  Guns boom at all hours around here this time of year.

Reducing the stuff that was in a 3000 sf house so it fits in a 1300 sf house is not a job for the faint of heart.

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Monday, April 02, 2012


We have planned for several years to retire somewhere else except  where we are (New Orleans, LA and surrounds.) After we lost our house to Katrina, we redoubled our efforts to find somewhere else in the US to sleep at night without having to worry about storms 6 months of every year.
After a trip to Arkansas a couple of years ago, we found our dream retirement house in Mountain View AR. It looks a bit like a log cabin and sits on 6.5 wooded acres. We share the property with all sort of wildlife and love it.
So after deciding on the place we want to be, the next step is getting there.  We have no problem driving there, but we live in a huge 4 bedroom house and everything in this house has to go somewhere.  I am an advocate of Goodwill as a home for the extras and that's fine, but there is still an accumulation of 6 years to get rid of. Remember August 29th 2005 everything was blown away so we started over. So now that stuff has to be moved.
Hiring a moving company sounds great, but have you priced them lately?  Yikes.  There has to be a better way.  And we may have found it.  A friend in Mountain View has a trailer that we can probably rent. She can drive it here, we can hire strong young men to load it and between the two of us and our friend, we can caravan back to Arkansas.  We have set the time we both want to relocate as the end of this year.  Wonder if we will get it done.  I think so.  Follow along to fine out how this plays out.

Neighbors visiting

The road to the house

The house 

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