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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fawn, Finally

It was 106ยบ yesterday here in Mountain View Arkansas.  And it wasn't a dry heat.   I understand dry heat is not as hot as wet heat.  Having been in it, I can assure you it is easily as hot as any other heat.

At any rate, the critters and me have been hunkering down in the AC. Well, the two and four legged, furry and feathered critters have been consigned to the heat, but as you know they have access to the pond and a special bath tub I have rigged up for them, waterfall and all.

I also have a mineral block down by the pond and a motion activated camera in case something strolls by or needs a salt fix.

Yesterday, my first fawn of the year came by for a look around.  Isn't she beautiful.

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Monday, April 02, 2012


We have planned for several years to retire somewhere else except  where we are (New Orleans, LA and surrounds.) After we lost our house to Katrina, we redoubled our efforts to find somewhere else in the US to sleep at night without having to worry about storms 6 months of every year.
After a trip to Arkansas a couple of years ago, we found our dream retirement house in Mountain View AR. It looks a bit like a log cabin and sits on 6.5 wooded acres. We share the property with all sort of wildlife and love it.
So after deciding on the place we want to be, the next step is getting there.  We have no problem driving there, but we live in a huge 4 bedroom house and everything in this house has to go somewhere.  I am an advocate of Goodwill as a home for the extras and that's fine, but there is still an accumulation of 6 years to get rid of. Remember August 29th 2005 everything was blown away so we started over. So now that stuff has to be moved.
Hiring a moving company sounds great, but have you priced them lately?  Yikes.  There has to be a better way.  And we may have found it.  A friend in Mountain View has a trailer that we can probably rent. She can drive it here, we can hire strong young men to load it and between the two of us and our friend, we can caravan back to Arkansas.  We have set the time we both want to relocate as the end of this year.  Wonder if we will get it done.  I think so.  Follow along to fine out how this plays out.

Neighbors visiting

The road to the house

The house 

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spring arrives like a lion

As spring is arriving like Secretariat in the final stretch, I wonder about having a spring veggie garden this year.  I hope to at least plant some tomatoes, green beans, squash and eggplants.  I have to harvest the onions that have been growing all winter to free up that space. My garden beds are all raised so the crawfish will not build their chimneys right up through them. When the ground is wet, the crawfish need to breathe, so build their chimneys up to 6" about the ground. Makes the egrets and herons happy, but me, not so much.
It's definitely time to plant. Used to be the time to plant was after March 15th when the last danger of frost had passed, but even our USDA zone has changed.  It used to be 8b, now it's 9a. That's a big change.
Time to stop rambling and start my day in the fields.  Or dream about moving to the top of Dodd Mountain in Mountain View AR. Dodd Mountain is about elevation 1200 feet. Doncha know the air is thin up there :lol: