Thursday, September 13, 2012

More pond design

I am continuing the series of photos giving ideas about how to best design your pond to make the most efficient use of space in your garden.   A well designed pond 'fits' in your garden and in your lifestyle.

Sometimes a pond is HUGE. This waterfall is so big I had to climb up the bottom to build the top.  It has an artesian well flowing over it, down a creek and into a 7 acre bayou.  I had to add pumps at each of the 3 waterfall levels to create enough water sounds to make the waterfall look and feel right.
You have to have the space to make a pond like this one work.

Wow, what a bad photo.  This photo was taken a few minutes after the pond was finished, as most of my photos are.  I used color to make the water feature stand out in the partial shade it was in.  Using foliage colors and broadleaf shapes is a great way to make a pond look as tropical as this one does.  It should, as it's in Bay St Louis, MS.  Tropical is easy over there.  The Chinese fan palm backs up the waterfall. That's almost a signature of mine and makes a great backdrop for a waterfall.

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sharon said...

just found your great site! I too have a water garden .I have dug a hole for a plastic pond in the swamp the retain water during drought..the swamp is filled now.....i have irires...the only comment I have to make is I wish your wonderfiul pictures were a tiny bit so hard to see and takes a while to click on every picture to enlarge

sharon said...

you do have a lot of wasted space on the sides you can adjust your widths of the blog...:-)

Jan Goldfield said...

I put all that space over there so the ad for my book will show.
If I make the pics bigger, they don't stay put. .

Come to to see more and bigger.