Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Summer is still here even if Isaac isn't

Although much of Slidell is flooded and without electricity, all is OK here on our end of town.   So it's time to call the emergency over and get on with what needs doing.

Oh, I got word from the carpenter at the Arkansas house that the sliding glass door is installed in the master bedroom. That makes the entire wall facing the ravine glass.  I will be setting up the above ground pond just off the deck when we get there for good.  It's gonna be a combo pond and birdbath.  The critters need water and the birds love their baths.  It's the greatest entertainment in the world.

Building an above ground pond is easy.  I built this one pre Katrina.

Here's how it's done:

In fact, this is the pond that the article documents. Above ground ponds are more expensive than in ground ones because they use so many more rocks. But they are certainly worth it. They allow you to have a pond when you can't dig a hole for whatever the reason.  This pond was under too many trees to allow digging a hole.

If you fill one end up with rocks, you have a birdbath. Easy.

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S.P. Laws said...

I am saving for a home of my own. Your site is inspiring and full of great ideas for my "one day" yard.
--loved the pond photo here.