Monday, September 03, 2012

Life returns to normal

I went to replenish all the groceries we lost from the freezer and refrigerator yesterday.  I shoulda stayed home.  The shelves were almost bare.  I was reminded of photos of stores in Russia (or was it one store and only in Moscow) that we were shown photos of in the '50's.  They were always bare and folks were queued up waiting for a moldy potato.  Or something.   Hey, I was under ten years old.

Anypotato, I ventured out for the first time since Isaac visited and at least I tried.  Frozen veggies had been there since before the power went out and then just allowed to refreeze when the power returned.  Meat and dairy shelves were empty.  As a vegan, I eat nothing from those shelves, but it still looked strange.  Fresh veggies were scarce and very possibly were 5 days old.  I did pick up a few that were not soft or mushy.

I did find out that when store supplies are lean, I don't spend much money.  I sure do miss all of our garden frozen freshness.

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