Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Traveling Public

I saw on Facebook this morning that the average person has visited 17 cities.  First of all, they mean the average FB member has been to 17 cities. Even if that is true, that means half of those travelers have never left their front yards.  How can that be?  How on earth does a person live his life and not leave the block he was born on.  I have often said that I only worked to feed my travel addiction. And now that I am not working anymore (unless writing counts), I still travel to more than 17 cities each and every year.  Seventeen states is more like it.  Granted, now that I am umm, 70, I no longer travel on my motorcycle, but wrapped up in a car that takes me where I want to go. And I sleep in a 28' travel trailer.  Can't call that camping, but you sure can call it traveling.
Our favorite places to travel are the great National Parks in the US.  Last fall we traveled from New Orleans to Oregon, stopping at parks from the parks of Arizona and Utah to Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, back to Rocky Mountain National Park and finally home. I'm not sure, off hand, how many states we traveled through, but it seems to be more than the cities that the average person visits in a lifetime.
Our favorite: Gosh it's hard to pick one. We love the Grand Canyon

Our most favorite:
Rocky Mountain National Park
This is a view from the top of Trail Ridge Road where you can still see a glacier.

Do you travel?  Where to? Tell us about it. And if you don't, why not?

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