Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Pond for a Small Space

I didn't want a pond with fish for this space and I really didn't want to dig much. This pond is in a Rubbermaid round 2' deep horse drinking trough. I got it at the feed store for 40 bucks.  The ball on top was given to me as a gift, so the natural place to put it was on top of a cinder block inside the horse trough.  The pump shoots water up into the ball and makes a noise similar to Niagara Falls. I can also direct it through one of the holes, but if I do the water splashes out.  I put some swimming pool chlorine in there occasionally to keep the water clear.  I stacked flat Arkansas Moss Rocks around the pond to hide the black container  Other plants and a crane help soften the look.
So, I have a pond requiring little work that makes a great sound. Who could want more?

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