Friday, July 09, 2010


Is it true that if you keep a small pond in your garden with toads, frogs,that they will eat all the mosquitos?
When they usually start doing this and how they do this?

I have noticed since having the pond in the garden with the toads sitting on the lilly pads, I have not had much of a mosquito problem (SURPRISINGLY).

Get a couple of mosquito fish…
and you will have no mosquito problem at all. Yes, the toads eat many of them. Surprisingly enough, goldfish do not. They are essentially vegetarians.
You can also use Mosquito Dunks, a product that eliminates mosquitoes and does not harm your pond.
But toads and frogs eat mosquitoes as a main part of their food supply. But a few mosquitoes always escape to buzz you. Best to keep them at bay with another means.

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