Saturday, July 10, 2010

Koi pond?

How do I make a koi pond?
Hi, I was planning on making a koi pond with the following dimensions: 8ft long by 5ft wide by 3ft deep. I was wondering what kind of skimmer/pump/filter/UV filter I should buy for that pond.It is approximately going to be 500-800 gallons. I was also wondering how I would set them up like this is my current thought of it. The pump pushes water to the filter then the filter send's it too the UV filter which sends it to the waterfall that sends it back into the lake. Also if thats how it works where is the water from the skimmer going to go?

That's small for a koi pond. Koi are happier in a larger pond. 
The way you want to set it up is right. The skimmer is built into the side and the pump is in the skimmer. The water goes through a filter and into the skimmer. The pump sends the water over the waterfall. The skimmer also has a filter in it. Here's how to build a koi pond:

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Thanks for the koi pond article! I also liked your fish, I fed many of them but they are still hungry...
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