Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swimming ponds

My step dad is going to remove are pond need ways to stop him.?
My stepdad wants to dig out the hole pond and make it just a swimming hole but my pond has tons of animals who make their homes in it such as trout, frogs, cranes, other birds, salamanders, beavers, bears,and many bugs and other animals. I love this pond because it allows me to observe the wildlife which is my passion. 
If he does this all of the animals will probably die that live there and i couldn't bear that happening. So i came up with an idea to see if there is an endangered animal or plant that might live in my pond that way i can get my pond protected by a wildlife conservation so he can't tear it down. I was wondering does anybody know and endangered plant or animals that might live in a New York freshwater pond.


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