Monday, June 28, 2010

Choosing a pond pump


Difference between Pond Pumps & Waterfall Pumps?
I've researching pond pumps for sometime and I've finally found one that right around my budget. My ponds gonna be right around 3000G and I found a pump rated at 5000GPH. but the pump says it's a waterfall pump. I will have a waterfall but I was planning on having the Pump I chose pump water to the Bio-Filter and then out the filter to the Waterfall. So is there a difference or are they all the same. I'm a newbie who needs a bit of guidance please and thanks.


  • The difference is probably the 'head' if there is any difference at all. Large pumps like yours are built for waterfalls, but that doesn't mean you have to use them for that.
  • Be aware that there are great, good and rotten brands of pumps. Factor in the warranty length.
  •  Some pumps have 3 years some 2, some 1. The pumps with longer warranties are more expensive, but worth it. 
  • Cheaper pumps also cost more to run, sometimes twice as much. 
  • Here's an article I wrote on how to choose a pump:

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