Friday, June 18, 2010

Planting water lilies

New water lily advice?
Hi, i've just purchased an 'Attraction' water lily, which has a good root stock,4 pads, on 6" stems, and 3 new spurs growing from the roots.
I need to plant it in my pond, but want to plant it deeper than the 6" the current pads are at.
What would your advice be? Could i cut the pads off, plant it deeper, and let the new spurs work to the top?
Also, will it live a day with no soil in the pond, floating, as i'm working tomorrow, and can't get the soil/basket etc till Friday.



It will be fine just floating in the pond. Plant it in anything you wish. You don't need soil even. You can use any planting media at all. Put the lily in the media and put it at any depth you wish. The pads will make their way to the top in a few days. You do not have to cut any off.
When they do reach the top, fertilize with aquatic plant fertilizer.

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