Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Shade Pond

Ponds in the shade are prettier than in full sun, I think. There are some aquatic plants that won't do well, of course, just like any garden. Water lilies need at least 5 hours of sun daily, so most likely they will live, but not bloom in the shade pond. Good aquatics for the shade pond are Taro, acorus, umbrella grass, egyptian papyrus and calla lilies. In fact, Callas will not grow in the sun, so the shade pond can have 'the perfect flower for every occasion.' Surrounding the pond can be broadleaf plants that will not tolerate sun, like philodrendon selloum, although I do not recommend it because of it's ability to send out a root into the water and then take off and come up through your kitchen floor.
You can have ferns and other plants that make the pond a woodland masterpiece.


carina said...

Hi there from Carina at G&H! :)
Reading your blog is making me with I had a "proper" pond with a waterfall and nice that The Rottweilers don't frolic in...!

Jan Goldfield said...

Hi Carina, thanks for the comment. Maybe your rotties would like a doggie/kiddy pool and you could have your pond. Friends have done this for labradors that WILL be in the water. Or you could start a rain garden. I'll have an article on that soon.