Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pondless Waterfalls

Not long ago, I wrote a blog article about pondless waterfalls and why I did not like them. (Because the pump was underneath all those rocks.) I got an email questioning my thoughts and offering another way of building the pondless waterfall.
Justin Berkey, address, etc., below turned me on to the vanishing water method of building the pondless waterfall. If this thing works the way it claims to and I see no reason why it would not, it would make the pondless waterfall something desirable and wonderful for our gardens.

Info from:

Justin Berkey
Filtrific Company
Advertising Manager
Phone: 800.906.0604
Fax: 425.482.9559


Sean said...

It works EXACTLY as Mr Berkey claims. Best system in every regard. Easiest to install and BY FAR easiest to maintain. Nothing else even comes close. The other Pondless stuff is junk. You will see that they are now even adding beefed-up milk crates to their "systems" to reduce the amount of rocks and increase water capacity. Primitive compared to Filtirfic. I've been installing ponds and waterfeatures for 11 years. I will NEVER use any other product. And their customer support is as good as their product. Top notch all the way.

Jan Goldfield said...

Thanks, Sean. I was hoping you would see this note. I have been plugging it in other articles as well as here. Thanks for letting me know about it.

sean said...

Just checking in to see what you ended up doing. Did you install a Filtrific system? Do you have any questions? I'd love to know!

Jan Goldfield said...

I have not installed anything yet and still don't know if I will or not. If I do, I promise I will let you know. Thanks again for all your info.