Monday, March 19, 2007

Pond Depth

Dear Pond Lady,
We live in Pennsylvania and it does get pretty cold here in the winter. We are planning to build our first lily pond this summer, and haven't a clue. The info we've gotten from you, so far is the best of any we've seen.

Pondlady sez:
In the South, we recommend that the pond be 18” deep. This depth is ideal for plants and fish. In the north, the pond must be deeper because your weather is colder and the pond can freeze solid. Your pond's deepest point should be below the frost line. That the depth where the ground freezes solid in the winter, and therefore, so does your pond.
I always recommend that you get in touch with your local extension service, university, or aquaculture organization to find out the optimum depth in your area.

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Anonymous said...

As a pond professional in Canada, (it is cold here, lol) this ancient misnomer is encountered alot by people. An inground pond cannot normally freeze solid. Geothermal properties will not allow it. A depth of 24" is more than enough if properly constructed. We at times will build deeper but this is for aesthetics primarily, as the larger a pond gets you dig deeper, more natural effect.

For over wintering your precious Koi the number one rule is...keep a hole in the ice open...(heater and/or bubbler) this will keep them in good condition for there hibernation.

Kevin Downes
Clearwater Ponds
Ontario, Canada