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Sunday, July 01, 2012

I asked for this

I should know better than to ask for something because I usually get it. Except, of course, winning the lottery or something like that.

The birdbath has attracted birds all right. Lots of them, from indigo bunting to scarlet tanagers to goldfinches. It looks like the flag from the Pride Parade out there sometimes and I love it.  I wondered if the four legged critter who hang out around here would find the bird bath. Silly me. Of course he did.

Aren't bunnies cute? This one finds the birdbath

And has a drink.

Finds my purslane and eats it.

Not satisfied with only the purslane, he heads for my irises.  
As of this morning all plant material is gone except for the stonecrop sedum.  Wascally wabbit.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Petunias and Irises

My front garden is making neighbors stop and look.  Every morning, before dawn, I sit on the front porch and just stare, wondering what has budded up and will bloom when the sun rises.  
What makes us happier than flowers in the garden?

We plant petunias in the fall down here in New Orleans.  I usually put them in in November when the temps are beginning to cool a bit.  The petunias grow strong roots during the winter and spring into bloom in the spring.  Like now.  When they are at their spring best, the irises join them.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bits and Pieces

There is a website devoted to President Obama haters.  And they visit this blog. I have no idea why and to you haters who visit me, stop now!  If I knew how block you, I would.  Anybody out know how?  Hating my president is not allowed around here. I didn't hate the bumbling idiots you put into power.  So go away. And don't come back.

Changing the subject to a more pleasant one.

We drove to a farmers' market yesterday put on by 9 and 10 year old kids. As part of a school activity, they had grown an organic garden and were selling their winter harvest.  I know they meant well, but a yellow squash was $3.00 and a head of purple cabbage was $5.00.  They had two of each.  We just donated some money and left.  I wanted to volunteer to teach those kids gardening AND marketing and sales.  Oh dear.

And even more pleasant.  Our front garden is loving the full flush of spring.  The irises are in bloom, the knock out roses are flourishing and OMG, the daylilies are starting to put on a show.  Wow.

Red daylily


Roses and irises

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Thank you for stopping by this morning.