Friday, June 08, 2012

Peter Rabbit....Bah

This is purslane, or should I say it WAS purslane.  It's a sweet little plant whose flowers bloom in the sunshine of midday and close when the nighttime comes. The pale orange of this particular one was beautiful near the running water of the bird bath.  Notice that the purslane is not much but stems, flowers nipped off at the ends.

This is a bunny.  Isn't he cute?  He can make himself so big when jumping across the yard and so small when nestling in the garden.  
I thought, "Isn't that cute? The bunny is almost asleep with his nose in the flowers.  It's as if he is napping, making himself small to escape the notice of marauding predators."  


Well, wasn't I wrong.  He was making himself small so I would notice that the tender, sweet purslane flowers were disappearing before my very eyes. 

This morning, I have no purslane flowers. Wonder if the bunny will reappear when the flowers do.

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