Friday, May 25, 2012

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Leaves keep blowing in my pond. Is there an easier way to get them out besides using a net? It keeps getting tangled in the plants.
Pondlady sez: There are vacuum cleaners sold at swimming pool places. They look like large blue triangles and attach to a garden hose. The force of the water from the garden hose pushes the debris into a net that you have attached to the top of the triangle. You move the vacuum around on the bottom of the pond and it collects debris.  Be sure to empty it often because it gets heavy.  You can't turn off the hose when you lift the vacuum out of the pond, so be prepared to get wet. Either that or go back to the hose bib, turn off the water in between each emptying.
Some look like this, but there are other shapes available as well.

Instead of using the large holed mesh that you buy at the swimming pool store, use the leg of an old pair of panty hose. It will pick up finer debris as well.
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