Sunday, January 25, 2015

Living in Arkansas

I retired after Hurricane Katrina destroyed our house.  Soon after that we bought another house, sold that house 8 years later and moved to Mountain View AR. We have been here 3 years already and things are starting to come together.
Gardens are started. Here in Stone County which lives up to its name, gardens have to be raised beds.  There is little or no soil. We harvest the leaves after some leaf mold has built up, but I do my gardening in straw bales. After the straw bales start to decompose, I shore up the sides with the logs from the trees that had to be removed to let some sunshine in.
For these beds, I managed to get some topsoil from an old sawmill. This is 50 or so years of composted sawdust.  Needed some 13-13-13 to make it perfect for growing.

Straw bales photo when I get around to taking them.

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