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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Water Lily Planting



We planted the water lilies in the black square mesh type plastic buckets. Tonight I realize one had fallen over and now the dirt particles are floating around the water and getting kicked up by the fish.

So first stop and I took a gander at your articles to see if you go into plating them which I didn't see. So I went to google and found this link: 

So my question is this a good method and does it really prevent the dirt from getting out, I know that if it fell over and dumped it wouldn't but for all other aspects of it.



That is a great way to plant water lilies. I think they need to be as deep as 3' though.
You can use any planting media that will hold the plant and fertilizer. It doesn't necessarily have to be soil.

Follow up question

When you say plant media, could you give me some examples.

I only ask because the impatiens (annual flowers) are in just water and pebbles and doing fine. I wonder if this would work for lilies?



You can use rockwool, clay, kitty litter, pea gravel, even marbles I suppose. The media needs to be able to keep the pond contained and hold onto a fertilizer tab. Maybe marbles is not such a good idea

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