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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

Our local media is spending 24/7 on the air whipping folks into a frenzy over Hurricane Isaac.  Isaac is supposed to come ashore on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and follow the same path.  Therefore we are having flashbacks of that awful time.

But Isaac is only a category 1 storm and Katrina was  a category 5. That's a big difference.  So big that aside from making extra ice and storing extra water, we are planning a few days of relaxation.

People in South Louisiana are already evacuating, but so would I if I lived a few inches above sea level and tides were expected to rise several feet.  Wind pushes the ocean inland as well and those levels can get much higher, sometimes up to 20 feet.  So, yes I would be pushing north if I lived there.

We are a grand 12' above sea level here and some 6 miles from Lake Pontchartrain.  I am pretty sure we are safe.

Oh, what do we do to our ponds to keep them safe during a storm like Isaac or Katrina. Absolutely nothing, that's what.  And that's nice.

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And here's a pretty photo just for something nice to look at while we watch storm clouds coming in.