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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Website Thief, Fountains and your Kitchen Window

The woman who stole my copy from my website wrote to me and told me it has been removed.  It has not.  I have written her again citing the law that one of my readers sent.  (Thanks, Ruth.)  Now we shall see what happens.

On to more fun things, or at least things about your pond, the reason you read this.

Ya know those fountain heads that look like shower heads and spray out water in cute little patterns.  They look something like this:

They look nice, don't they?  Here's the deal.  Hook it up and water comes out all the holes in the spray head.  

Then, usually within a day or so, one of the holes gets stopped up. After all it is pond water you are pumping through those tiny holes and pond water does have some debris in it. It's not the cleanest stuff in the world. 

So one hole is stopped up by debris and the other holes shoot the water a bit higher.  Then a second hole gets stopped up and the water goes even higher. Can you see where this is going?  Soon, more holes are stopped up and one stream of water is coming through your kitchen window.  And you can't figure out what happened.

Ah, but you figure it out, clean it out. And in three days, your window sill is wet again.  

But you are smart, so you make the holes bigger.  That works a little bit, so after a few more cleanings of the holes, you make them even bigger. Now you have missed the mark a bit and some of the holes have run into the other holes, so you have fewer and larger holes. The spray pattern doesn't look very nice anymore. 

You are so frustrated, you are ready to pitch the entire thing in the trash and give up.

Try this:  Remove the spray head altogether and do throw it in the trash, leaving just the pipe sticking out of the water or just below the water level.  It will make a delightful bubbler.  If it goes too high in the air, just lower the pipe farther in the water until it's where  you want it.  

Now aren't you glad you read this today?  

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