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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bird bath progress

A trip into town yesterday yielded no ½" hose.  Not one.  So the birdbath is cobbled together using rocks to direct the water.  

Now directing water with rocks is something I have done hundreds upon hundreds of times, but I had a collection of hoses to rival a hardware store.  So unless I can find a hose at an auto parts store, drive two hours to find one or order one online, I shall have to be happy with the rocks. But I'm not.

PIcture this morning.

By the way, birds started visiting last night. They would have a drink, but not one dared to get his feet wet.  Maybe today.  

Of course, it's about to rain.  I don't know if birds bathe in the rain. Do they?

We desperately need the rain. My creek is dry. Burn bans are in force all around.  So I'll take the rain and wait until I can find a ½" hose.

Don't forget, I wrote a book, "A Practical Guide to Building and Maintaining your Pond."  Download it here. 

What you can't find in the book, you can probably find at my website,

Monday, May 28, 2007

More than ponds

I use rocks for lots more than ponds. I always use the same kind of rocks, called Arkansas Moss Rock. It's a fieldstone and can be gotten in flat fairly good sized pieces. It's hard to build a waterfall with little rocks. Since we do not grow rocks in Louisiana, we must buy them by the pound. They run about 35 cents a pound and when you need tons, you are talking big bucks.

Often after the pond is in, I will put in a path using more flat rocks. Occasionally building a terrace by placing them piled up against a raised bed to anchor the bed will be an effective accent in an otherwise flat landscape.