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Monday, September 13, 2010

Duck pond

Help me with building a pond?
I'm planning on making a pond for my ducks out of either a plastic pond form (not the liner) or a stock tank. The only problem is they poop a lot in their water. Anyone with experience with ducks will know what i mean =) so I want to have a good filter that can handle the poop and I don't want to spend over $50 on it.

What type of filter would be best?
i have electricity in my chicken coop but i cant have a cord coming out during the night (i need to be able to close the door). so that means i need a filter that does have to run constantly.


You cannot filter duck poop from a pond. Try to find something that you can hose out daily. It would need a shallow end so you could use a power nozzle to hose the pond out. Ducks are messy critters. No filter will work. Put Mosquito Dunks in to keep mosquitoes away. You could run a pump if you like, but since you have to hose it out often, you really don't need one.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Duck Ponds

How to keep a small pond looking and smelling good?
I made a small pond for some ducks that I have but the ducks pooped in the pond and now it stinks horribly. How can I help this problem?

That's the big problem with duck ponds. The only thing you can do is make the pond so you can easily hose it out or clean it. There is no way to make duck poop go away unless you remove it by cleaning out the pond.