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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Recalling Ponds in Pictures

During these last days of the heat of August, I will continue to post photos of ponds I have built over the years.  Some were easy and others were more than difficult.
By the way, the owner usually made the difference.  People, if you treat the folks who are working at your house with respect, you will get a better job.  Yelling at me always resulted in walking off the job and never returning.

Now on to pretty pictures.
I built this pond for a delightful couple who loved color.  We put color everywhere around the pond and the rest of the yard. Both were inveterate gardeners, so they had lots of input into the color pallette.

We had a spot that demanded a peaceful feeling, so next to the pond, I placed round river rocks to make a bit of a dry stream bed.  It lent a zen feeling to an already relaxed garden.  Sadly the entire house was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  The pond survived, but the owners moved to another city.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Making the pond appear bigger

If for some reason you cannot make your pond as large as you would like, there are design tricks you can use to fool the eye into seeing water where there is none. Try a dry stream bed or dry lake using rocks. Occasionally I have placed round river rocks carefully in a pattern and epoxied them in. I then spray them with a clear lacquer occasionally to keep them looking wet. In the picture, the client wanted a moving water look to go with her more natural looking pond and landscape. You can use whatever you wish. Design is not some secret science that only pros use. It is what looks good to you. Have fun with it.