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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Natural Pond Plant Removal

How to remove Lilly pads from a pond?
They have taken over my pond and there is no way of fishing in it, the point we even had the pond made, so with all these lilly pads we can't fish. What's the best way to remove them without chemicals?

We do have a boat if that helps.


Get in the boat with a garden rake. Use the rake to pull out the lilies. If you can use waders, that's even better because you can get the corms along with the pads.
It's a miserable and hot job. Lilies are invasive and when placed in a natural bottom pond, take over in short order.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Preparing for Winter

Fall is upon us. And we have to do some winter prep with our ponds. When the temps drop below 55 degrees F, it's time to move water lilles from the pond.

If you have a greenhouse, move your waterlily inside. Put it in a tub or small pond. Don't disturb the roots, Let the plant keep growing until it becomes dormant and leave it in the greenhouse until new leaves come up again the spring.

Once the plant is no longer dormant, you can divide and repot in fresh soil for the growing season.

If the temperatures dip below 55 in your greenhouse, this method wil not work.

Preparing your pond for winter