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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ponds, pumps and chemicals

Do I need a pump for a backyard pond?
We have a already built three level pond. We didn't built it it was here when we moved in. I was wondering a few things.
1) Can we fill it and keep fish and plants in it without using a pump or filter?
2) How complicated is it to hook up a pump or filter for one?
3) Are there chemicals I could add to keep water looking good without using pumps and still put fish and plants in it??
4) Do you know any good sites that tell u about backyard pond maintenance?

1) You do not need a pump/filter if you don't want one, but you must use proper submerged and floating vegetation: One bunch of submerged and at least 60% of the top of the pond covered in floating vegetation.
2) It is not at all complicated. A pump with a hose that runs from the bottom to the top. Check your height and get a pump that has enough head to pump the water high enough.
3) No, if you want fish, you cannot use chemicals.
4) Yes . Mine:
I look forward to seeing you there.

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