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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pelican Bark Park

We often visit Pelican Bark Park in Mandeville, LA so our year old pup can run, roll and play with her doggy friends. 

Bella, far left, meeting a new Dane friend at the pool

I have noticed that all of America, perhaps the world, could learn much from dog parks.  All the dogs share all the space. Aside from a space set aside for tiny dogs, all the dogs, no matter their size, ethnicity, color, sex or country of origin play together freely. They soon sort out who is who and how things work.  With no human intervention at all. They run, they wrestle, they tussle, roll in the mud, then run some more. They jostle for space in the pool, jump out and run some more.  They stop occasionally and lie in the shade, but are soon up and running again. 

Oh and they come over to their human companions just to check on them and make sure they are safe. Then the tearing around starts again.

Humans are different in the dog park.  They talk about their dogs. They compliment other humans on how pretty their dogs are, asking doggy names, petting others' dogs for the pleasure of it.    Conversation is centered around dogs, but often strays to other things equally fun and pleasing. You never hear religion or politics discussed in a dog park. There are too many more important things to talk about.

I often bitch about taxes, especially  this time of year, but I gladly pay taxes if it results in more dog parks.   They are great places in so many, often unrealized ways.  

St Tammany Parish, LA has lots of problems, it's share of crooked, racist, bigoted politicians, but they have done one thing that works for everyone: Pelican Bark Park in Mandeville, LA

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