Saturday, November 03, 2012

More Hurricane Sandy Info

OK, you are downright sick and tired of no electricity or gas by now.  You are cold, have thrown food away, can't get gas for your generators and are downright pissed because you see several hundred power company trucks from all over the country parked in your local Walmart or Kmart. They are playing cards, barbecuing and drinking beer. Why the hell are they not out there making my power go on?

Here's the deal:  These folks arrived from some other state.  Someone has to coordinate efforts to tell them where to go, what to fix and when to fix it. Because you are a union state, they can only work so many hours in any 24. You are not allowing non union companies from out of state to volunteer.  They drove a long way for nothing.

Anyway, some poor SOB has to communicate with all of them, give them driving directions to somewhere in a city they have never been in, work with equipment they have never seen with folks they do not know.  And their workers have to work together. They can't just walk up to some pole and rewire it.

We know you are pissed.  We Katrina survivors went through it. We watched the guys try to work as fast as they could with live wires.

Please try to understand.  I know it's hard.  But they are doing their best.

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Levonne said...

Where are you? You've disappeared! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!