Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Artist's Concrete Bench

We have a large membership at  And so many of them are talented  beyond belief.

Look at what one of the guys did and drool over it.

I would love to be that talented.  Maybe he makes house calls.

You won't find out how to do what he does in my book, but you will learn lots more about ponds that you need to know.

Join us at to see more work like this and let us see what you have done around your pond


Randy said...

I didn't realize you started a new forum! That bench is wonderful!

Jan Goldfield said...

Hi Randy! How great to see you. Yup, has been up and running for years and years. GG was secondary. Join us. I would love to see you more than we are used to.
The concrete artist is so talented. Maybe as much as you are.