Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pond Fish in Winter

As the nights lengthen and cool, you may notice your fish becoming less active and lying around near the bottom of your pond.  If you do feed your fish, stop now.  

You can kill them if you feed when the temperatures are below 55ยบ F.  

Even if you have a day or so above that temperature, do not feed. For tips on winter fish and plant care, read this article I wrote about fish and plant care during the winter: Winter Fish Care


Linda said...

I sent this earlier but I wasn't sure it went through.
I have a small gold fish pond 50 gallon and I want to close it for the winter. I feed the fish with floating lettuce and one submerged plant. Do I remove the plants for the winter? And what do I do with the submerged plant? I was planning on pulling the pump and winterizing for winter or do I leave it on for the winter? Please advise.

Jan Goldfield said...

If you live in a climate where the pond will freeze solid, remove the fish, plants and pump. If not, you will be fine if you clean out any debris in the pond and let it go dormant.
Check out for lots more info.

Jay said...

my pond will freeze solid, how do i retrieve the fish and then what do i do with them? i've been trying to register at but the "module" is not working.