Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pond and koi problems

I just got some koi from a friend and now my pond is a muddy mess and stinks and my water lilies are dying. Do I need to clean the whole thing out and start over?

Pondlady sez: 
First of all, your koi are eating your water lilies. And the fish waste is making the pond stink. If you give the koi away and get a couple of plain goldfish and then balance your pond ecologically, you will have a clean pond that is relatively maintenance free. Yes, you do have to clean it out and start over. Sorry.

If you wish to keep the koi, you must add a biofilter and feed your koi.


Anonymous said...

you dont need to clean it out and start over you can put some barley straw in a mesh bag and it will kill the algea just change it out every month

Jan Goldfield said...

Sadly, yes you do need to clean it out and start over. Your pond is fouled. Clean your pond yearly and you will be fine. Barely straw will keep string algae under control, but not fish poop.