Saturday, February 16, 2008

preformed v. liner ponds

I live in Memphis, TN. I am considering putting a
pond in my back yard---possibly this weekend if I get real energetic! 
My question is this, my neighbors across the street purchased a preformed
pond, another friend of mine has a liner type---do you know if one is better
 than the other?

Pondlady sez:

 Use a flexible liner. Never use a preformed pond unless you have no choice. It is a major hassle and will never look right because you cannot get it level. If you do use a preformed pond, only dig it in to the shelves and either put soil to the top or pile rocks to the top. Cantilever rocks over the top so you hide any trace of the plastic. Plant around it to soften the hardness of all those rocks.


Chris said...

I am putting in a water garden this year and I plan to use a preformed shell... here is why.

I want a raised pond with plants around it. I plan to build a perimeter of boulders a 12-18 inches wider than the preformed pond, then situate the pond in the middle area, and backfill, then plant various creeping plants, sedums, thyme, and a few dwarf evergreens I picked up.

I absolutely want it raised because not only do I want this to add water to my landscape, but also a vertical dimension to what is otherwise a very flat (and large) garden bed). I cannot think of a good way to achieve a raised bed with a liner that'd maintain structural integrity without going much wider in my planting perimeter. What do you think pond lady?

ps... what kind of pond pump do I get? I plan to get a ~100 gallon pond, and want a little cone fountain. This is going to be located deep in a garden bed that itself is surrounded by a brick retaining wall... so ease of electrical installation makes me think low voltage. (running conduit out there probably isn't going to happen, unless it can go above ground in some spots).

Jan Goldfield said...

You can use a preformed pond if you like. I would build a structure first of either pavers or landscape timbers, then set your preformed shell in and fill around it with topsoil, making sure you fill well under the shell. Go to my website at and click on 'articles' to see how to do this and how to have a liner pond that will be high enough or even how to build an above ground pond. You may want to think about a solar pump without electricity.