Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You need submerged vegetation

If you don't have anacharis, cabomba, or one of the submerged plants that gives off oxygen you cannot have a balanced ecosystem. Most of the letters I get ask why fish die, why water turns green, what makes the pond turn into a cesspool. The best answer I have is that there is no submerged vegetation. The fish eat it, fish waste feeds it. It serves as the very lifeblood of the pond.


sherri said...

How can I keep my anacharis submerged, it flots to the top and is taking over the pond

Jan Goldfield said...

You could pot it up if you like, That will keep it on the bottom. You are lucky it is taking over. Trade it with friends who are not so lucky. That anacharis is keeping your pond healthy.

sherri said...

So just get some small pots? and plant them in rocks?? I have been typing pieces together with a tie then attaching the other end of a tie to a plastic baggie with a few rocks inside. I certainly wish you were in the Charlotte NC area. ;-)

Here is another item I wish were sold ( should you ever decide to go into another business). A semi flexible tubeing that I could net, so that I could cover the pnd when the leaves fall. Something like a very large embroidery hoop but shaped like one's pond. It would be mush easier to remove and clean than netting. I think it would look better also. ;-)

Thank you!

Jan Goldfield said...

Either way will work with the anacharis. Planting in rocks is a bit better cuz anacharis doesn't like to have its feet tied together, but if the plastic baggie thing is working keep doing it. Whichever is easier.
I'll bet you could make that cover easily. You would have to have some tubing that would stay the way you put it. Hmmmmmm ....foam rubber tubes, like swimming pool noodles, but skinnier and run a wire through it lengthwise???? I'lll keep thinking. If you figure out something, let me know.