Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Decorating the pond

Have you ever thought about decorating your pond for the holidays. You can put a cinder block that you have spray painted black in the water and put a scarecrow or a witch or a pumpkin on it. You could change the decorations for each upcoming holiday. Use rope lights in the plantings around your pond.


Anonymous said...

I have a preformed pond that I put in the middle of my front yard this past summer. It did'nt quite turn out what I had in mind. I like alot of plants to surround it,or to put in it but I don't know what would make it or break it? It is in full sun almost all the time. Also, what can I use for a liner that is really cheap? Since my preform pond is'nt what I had in mind afterall? And what plants are best? Please help, I'm trying to get some ideas soon.

Jan Goldfield said...

I just finished an article on how to build a cheap pond. That's a link to it. And you can see pictures to get landscaping ideas on my web site at Click on virtual portfolio to see.
Good luck.